Form vs Function in CBD

I had a dream last night that I found a CBD cream that worked to reduce my arthritis pain in my fingers and toes – it was over-the-counter and affordable. I was happy until I woke up and realized it was just that… a dream. I have been on this quest for some time now with mixed results.

Until I found my current favorite (which I was given for my birthday by Lulu a few years ago) I had been through quite a few brands. Most of these were hard waxes. Short of melting them and using them like a paraffin bath for my hands and feet, it was going to be too hard to use them. Rubbing something like that on to my aching fingers so it permeates the skin would make them hurt more. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, so I have many jars sitting around the house.

Hustle Butter CBD Luxe was a revelation – a cream with 500mg of Pure CBD Isolate that actually absorbs into my skin and HELPS the pain – enough to allow me to sleep at night. The cream ‘format’ made this the first product that was worth the money I paid for it. At the rate I use it at $50 for 5oz, it gets expensive, but cest la vie.

Tonic’s Outer Space got it right as well. With water soluble ingredients, it comes in a whipped cream consistency that absorbs right away. The marketing is very in tune with the movement toward more natural, ‘plant based’ items and it talks about a new compound called Soline that they extract from Sunflower oil. It also costs $55 for 4oz – even worse for my wallet.

Hudson Hemp’s Body Salve has so much more CBD in it! 3000mg in their 100ml jar for about $40. The brand is very farm-to-salve, Hudson has their farms in upstate NY and you can learn all about them on their website. The Body Salve is more of a wax though, thus the application is problematic… I have used it and felt some relief, but I think it is all about the application…

So far I haven’t exactly found the salve of my dreams, but I will share it with you when I do…

Form vs Function CBD

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