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Relax Bears

The time has come for me to find a gummy bear with the perfect amount of taste, flavor and most importantly, the correct dosage.

I started using gummies last year to help calm my nerves. I was dealing with the initial scare of the pandemic and my mother had just been diagnosed with Covid-19 and was in the hospital.

Last April as the world was barreling out of control and nobody knew what to think, we all needed a little extra support. For me it came in the form of delectable CBD gummies.

After trying many brands and different doses, I knew from my experience that I was basically a light weight and needed to keep the dose low, between 10-25 mg per gummy.

After taste was a problem, I loved the sugary taste but there was always that weird after taste.

After months of medicating, I was so stressed that the after taste didn’t bother me.

Now as life begins to return to normalcy, I finally found the best gummy for me!

Green Roads Relax Bears offer a delicious taste, nothing but yummy exudes afterwards and a feeling of instant mellowness follows. I prefer the 10mg gummy bears. Green Roads does offer an extra strength bear that has 25mg. I use both but find that the 25mg bears are definitely stronger and do have a tiny after taste.

The colors are fun: red, green, yellow, blue and orange bears will delight your mood; offering instant relief. For sleep issues, the 25mg bears provide a sleepy heavy eyelid vibe.

My mom recovered after contracting Covid twice. She is one of the lucky ones and I feel blessed to still have my mother.

The 10mg bears help me daily to flip my cranky overworked mood to blissful and chill. The result is better mental health with a smile.

Relax Gummies

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